• Taimur Chambers Plot # 10-D (WEST), Fazal-ul-Haq Rd, Islamabad
  • (+92) 51-2278134, (+92) 51-2278135
  • Taimur Chambers Plot # 10-D (WEST), Fazal-ul-Haq Rd, Islamabad
  • (+92) 51-2278134, (+92) 51-2278135

Centre for Capacity Building

  • CCB is Different

CCB is Different

The goal of the Centre for Capacity Building [CCB] at the Sustainable Development Policy Institute [SDPI] is to provide high quality training to the public, private, NGO sector organizations and individuals to strengthen institutions and to build their capacities for sustainable growth and development. CCB conducts both generic and specialized training courses in open enrolment as well as customized formats. Our research program acts as a catalyst for our training programs, and thus training flows from research done on the needs of our trainees and their host organizations. Since July 1998 we have conducted more than 500 meticulously designed training workshops and trained more than 12,000 professionals.

Highlights of Trainees Feedback

  • Excellent training, best among other trainings I have attended so far. Practice material helped a lot in understanding. Provided hands on experience. I would greatly benefit from this training.
  • I am feeling more confident and equipped with teaching and presentation skills after this learning. It was an interactive session, gave me an opportunity to communicate with seniors.
  • It was a wonderful workshop. The idea is very innovative and I think it is going to revolutionize my life.
  • This was very effective training. We learned new techniques for self-developing and for our students as well.
  • Very useful, entertaining, and great workshop. Session on stress management was like a treat for me. Activities were very entertaining and interesting.
  • Workshop was very useful in motivating and revitalizing the passion to excel as a teacher.
  • It was very informative, scheduled organized training, burden less environment.
  • Training work shop was a really new exercise for me. Moreover it was conducted in very friendly atmosphere, which help participants to learn and improve their skills.
  • This training is useful for project management and the Organizational work to manage the projects working, team building and successfully managing the project step by step.
  • The workshop was very good it will help me in my job as engineer.
  • It was my 1st formal training on the social mobilization and report writing, having fear it will be boring and just a training to participate, but it turn out very interesting and worth participating. As a trainer I have learned how to improve my own self as trainer.
  • Extremely useful for future researchers and supervisors
  • The workshop was useful and very fruitful, now I can be capable of doing research with proper method and approach.
  • This training is very useful as it combines all the necessary elements of report writing and gives succinct and effective walk through of solid material.
  • It was 100% useful because of its design & content for basic learning; it was design and implemented according to the requirement & needs.