SDPI's Nineteenth Sustainable Development Conference: 06 - 08 December 2016
Islamabad, Pakistan




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1. Opening Plenary
2. Securing Livelihoods and Promoting Competitiveness of the Cotton Value Chain (CVC) in a Changing Climate -- Panel Organisers: Dr Fahad Saeed and Ms Samavia Batool
3. The Distributional Effects of Out-Migration and Livelihood Resilience in Semi-Arid Regions of Asia and Africa -- Panel Organisers: Mr Kashif M. Salik and Ms Ayesha Qaisarani
4. Changing Global Power Dynamics and Challenges for Foreign Policy -- Panel Organiser: Mr. Shakeel A. Ramay
5. Gender, Demography and Democracy - Panel Organisers: Dr. Nathalene Reynolds, Mr. Shahid Minhas and Dr. Gulnaz Anjum
6. Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) and Resilience Building in South Asia -- Panel Organisers: Mr Shafqat Munir, Dr Imran Khalid, and Ms Sadaf Liaquat
7. Panel: Pakistan’s Macroeconomic Performance: Post IMF Outlook – Panel Organisers: Dr. Vaqar Ahmed and Mr Shujaat Ahmed
8. SDGs: Opportunities and Challenges for Health Sector – the Importance of Data -- Panel Organiser: Ms Saadiya Razzaq
9. Social Service Delivery in Conflict Areas – Panel Organiser: Ms Shirin Gul, AAWAZ-DAI
10. Minorities in Pakistan's Legal Framework – Panel Organiser: Mr. Jamal Janjua, AAWAZ-DAI
11. SLRC Day 1 – Service delivery, legitimacy and state-building -- SESSION 1 - It’s what you do and how you do it – what types of services and what processes build legitimacy
12. SLRC - Day 1 Gender, Identity and Networks in Making a Living – Panel Organiser: Dr Rachel Slater, SLRC-ODI

13. SLRC - Day 2 Jobs, Markets and Livelihoods in and after Conflict: Making a Living in and after Conflicts – Panel Organiser: Mr. Paul Harvey, SLRC CEO and Partner, Humanitarian Outcomes
14. SLRC - Day 2 Markets, Value Chains and Social Networks – Panel Organiser: Mr. Richard Mallet – SLRC-ODI
15. SLRC - Day 2 The Legacies of Conflict – Panel Organiser: Mr. Paul Harvey, SLRC CEO and Partner, Humanitarian Outcomes
16. SLRC – Day 3 Interventions: What Works in Supporting Livelihoods, Delivering Services and Building Capacity? – Panel Organiser: Dr Rachel Slater, SLRC-ODI
17. SLRC - Day 3 Building Capacity in Conflicts - Ms Rachel Gordon, SLRC South Sudan and Tufts-FIC
18. Sustainable Energy Solutions for the Region – Panel Organisers: Ms Mome Saleem and Ms Eva Kόssner
19. Priority actions for the SDGs and Leave No One Behind agenda in South Asia – Panel Organisers: Dr. Vaqar Ahmed and Ms Amina Khan
20. Regional Economic Integration in Central and South Asia -- Panel Organisers: Dr. Vaqar Ahmed and Syed Shujaat Ahmed
21. Emerging Methods in Policy Engagement and Public Private Dialogue – Panel Organizers: Dr. Vaqar Ahmed and Mr. Fazal Bukhari
22. Effective Institutions, capacities and partnerships for implementing SDGs: A Provincial Perspective – Panel Organisers: Dr. Shehryar Toru and Ms Rabia Manzoor
23. Inclusive South Asian Societies- Raising voices for Ethnic and Religious Minorities as Equal Citizens -- Panel Organisers: Mr. Shafqat Munir and Ms Tehreem Hassan
24. Regional Cooperation in Light of the Paris Climate Agreement -- Panel Organisers: Dr Imran Khalid and Ms Mome Saleem
25. Water Stewardship, Sustainability, and the Way Forward for Pakistan -- Panel Organiser: Dr. Imran Khalid
26. Transforming Poverty and Inequality: Urban-Rural Linkages in South Asia: What the Future Holds? – Panel Organisers: Mr Shafqat Munir and Ms Sadaf Liaquat
27. Solar Geoengineering and Pakistan: Science and Research Governance – Panel Organiser: Dr. Andy Parker and Mr Junaid Zahid
28. Panel: Leveraging CPEC for Regional Cooperation in Energy and Transport Infrastructure – Panel Organizers: Dr. Vaqar Ahmed and Syed Shujaat Ahmed
29. Pakistan Food Security and Nutrition Strategic Review: Preliminary Findings – Panel Organisers: Mr Thiago Resende Xavier and Ms Rabia Manzoor
30. Future of SAARC: Current Challenges and Potentials for Peace, Development and Prosperity – Panel Organisers: Mr. Muhammad Tahseen, Mr Moazzam Bhatti and Mr. Shafqat Aziz
31. Energy Smart Grid and Remapping the T & D System of Pakistan – Panel Organiser: Mr Arshad Abbasi
32. Closing Plenary