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SDPI ranked 1st in Pakistan, 52nd best independent think tank in world
  Friday, 31st Jan 2020
SDPI shines among world think tanks
  Friday, 31st Jan 2020
SDPI ranks 52nd amongst global think tanks
  Friday, 31st Jan 2020
GGTTI 2019 Ranking Places SDPI As Leading Think Tank Of Pakistan
  Thursday, 30th Jan 2020
Excessive regulations hurdle to foreign investment
  Wednesday, 22nd Jan 2020
Excessive regulations hinder foreign investment: experts
  Tuesday, 21st Jan 2020
غیرضروری کاروباری ضابطے غیر ملکی سرمایہ کاری میں بڑی رکاوٹ، ماہرین
  Tuesday, 21st Jan 2020
ضرورت سے زیادہ قواعد و ضوابط سرمایہ کاری میں رکاوٹ، ماہرین
  Tuesday, 21st Jan 2020
کاروباری قواعد و ضوابط غیرملکی سرمایہ میں بڑی رکاوٹ ہیں، ماہرین
  Tuesday, 21st Jan 2020
Govt Should Rationalize Regulations For Flourishing Businesses: Experts
  Monday, 20th Jan 2020
Letter to Editor (Coal-fired plant)
  Sunday, 22nd Dec 2019
Spotlight: Pakistan's 1st metro train under CPEC to revitalize economy, transportation system: experts
  Friday, 20th Dec 2019
Sugarcane production down 3.8 percent
  Tuesday, 19th Nov 2019
SDPI, PIPS Join Hands For Legislative Research, Capacity Development
  Monday, 18th Nov 2019
Exporters urged to benefits from new export promotion schemes
  Wednesday, 13th Nov 2019
FBR urges exporters to draw maximum benefits from new export promotion schemes
  Wednesday, 13th Nov 2019
تاجر برادری نئی ایکسپورٹ پروموشن ا سکیموں سے بھرپور فائدہ اُٹھاکر ملکی برآمدات میں اضافے میں مدد گار ثابت ہو سکتی ہے، ایف بی آر
  Tuesday, 12th Nov 2019
تاجر نئی ا سکیموں سےفائدہ اُٹھاکر ملکی برآمدات کے اضافے میں مدد گار بنیں، ایف بی آر
  Tuesday, 12th Nov 2019
FBR urged exporters to get benefits from new export promotion schemes
  Tuesday, 12th Nov 2019
Govt pushed for simplifying tax regime
  Friday, 18th Oct 2019
Boosting revenues a big challenge: FBR official
  Thursday, 17th Oct 2019
Simplifying tax regime can help achieve fiscal sustainability, Experts
  Wednesday, 16th Oct 2019
ٹیکس کے نظام کو آسان بنانے سے ہی مالی استحکام حاصل کیا جا سکتا ہے ، ٹیکس کے نظام کو جدید طرز پر ڈیجیٹلائز کیا جائے ، ٹیکس عملے کی استعدادکاری اور صلاحیت کو بڑھایا جائی
  Wednesday, 16th Oct 2019
ٹیکس محصو لات میں اضافہ ابھی بھی ایف بی آر کے لئے سب سے بڑا چیلنج ہے،ماہرین
  Wednesday, 16th Oct 2019
ٹیکس کے نظام کو آسان بنانے سے مالی استحکام آئے گا، پاکستانی ماہرین
  Wednesday, 16th Oct 2019
ٹیکس کے نظام کو آسان بنانے سے مالی استحکام آئے گا، ماہرین
  Wednesday, 16th Oct 2019
Making govt tech-savvy is a big challenge: experts
  Wednesday, 2nd Oct 2019
Making govt. learning-oriented amid 4IR is a big challenge, experts
  Saturday, 28th Sep 2019
South Asia think tanks in integration push at Sri Lanka meet amid political lethargy
  Friday, 27th Sep 2019
Climate marchers demand govt to declare climate emergency
  Saturday, 21st Sep 2019
Concerned citizens seek climate emergency
  Saturday, 21st Sep 2019
Citizens demand greater action to combat climate change impact
  Saturday, 21st Sep 2019
Civil society holds Climate Change walk
  Saturday, 21st Sep 2019
Govt urged to raise climate literacy
  Wednesday, 18th Sep 2019
Climate literacy curriculum at school level urged
  Tuesday, 17th Sep 2019
Govt To Prepare Adaptation Plans At Local Level To Fight Climate Change
  Tuesday, 17th Sep 2019
Experts Urge Govt To Raise Climate Literacy, Prepare Adaptation Plans At Local Level
  Monday, 16th Sep 2019
Clean energy with minimal environmental impact stressed
  Sunday, 16th Jun 2019
20% Pakistanis lack access to affordable electricity: official
  Thursday, 13th Jun 2019
20% people lack access to national grid: official
  Thursday, 13th Jun 2019
20 percent of country's population lack access to clean, affordable electricity
  Thursday, 13th Jun 2019
20 percent of country’s population lack access to clean, affordable electricity
  Thursday, 13th Jun 2019
20 percent Pakistanis lack access to cleaner, affordable electricity: official
  Thursday, 13th Jun 2019
پاکستان کی 20فیصد آبادی سستی بجلی سے محروم ہے، ارشد چوہدری
  Thursday, 13th Jun 2019
20 Percent of Country's Population Lack Access to Clean, affordable Electricity
  Wednesday, 12th Jun 2019
Enterprises should not see regulatory bodies as threat
  Sunday, 19th May 2019
Regulatory bodies not business-friendly
  Saturday, 18th May 2019
FBR, SECP urged to help boost social entrepreneurship culture
  Friday, 17th May 2019
FBR, SECP Need To Remove Fear Factor To Help Thrive Social Entrepreneurship Culture, Ghazala Saifi
  Friday, 17th May 2019
مالیاتی ادارے کاروباری طبقے کو خوفزدہ کرنے کی بجائے اعتماد بحال کریں: غزالہ سیفی
  Friday, 17th May 2019
ایف بی آر اور ایس ای سی پی جیسے ریگولیٹری اداروں کو کاروباری طبقے بالخصوص سوشل انٹرپرائز سیکٹر اور عام لوگوں کے خوف کو زائل کرنا ہو گا
  Thursday, 16th May 2019
پاکستان تحریک انصاف کی رہنما غزالا سیفی کا ایف بی آر ، ایس ای سی پی کی پالیسون پر تنقید
  Thursday, 16th May 2019
Evolving Regional Dynamics and Future of Pakistan-Russia Relations
  Friday, 3rd May 2019
Pakistan is 5th top tobacco producer in world
  Tuesday, 9th Apr 2019
Lawmakers call for enforcing tobacco control laws
  Thursday, 4th Apr 2019
Experts for enhancing graphic warning on covers of tobacco products
  Thursday, 4th Apr 2019
ماہرین نے ملک میں تمباکو نوشی کرنے والوں کی تعداد میں اضافے سے خبردار کر دیا
  Thursday, 4th Apr 2019
Experts For Enhancing Graphic Warning On Covers Of Tobacco Products
  Wednesday, 3rd Apr 2019
پاکستان میں تمباکو کی مصنوعات کے صارفین میں اضافہ ہو رہا ہے، تقریباً 24 ملین سے زائد صارفین تمباکو کی مصنوعات کو استعمال کرتے ہیں ، ہر سال تعداد میں اضافہ ہو رہا ہے،ماہرین
  Wednesday, 3rd Apr 2019
Govt. urged to devise multi-sectoral tobacco policy
  Saturday, 9th Mar 2019
The great big Profit survey of the COVID-19 pandemic
  Monday, 23rd Mar 2020
Climatic event amidst COVID-19
  Monday, 23rd Mar 2020
COVID-19-Future of BRI and CPEC?
  Thursday, 19th Mar 2020
Poverty of global consciousness
  Saturday, 14th Mar 2020
Coronavirus: institutional advantage of China
  Saturday, 14th Mar 2020
Dealing with Covid-19 in Pakistan
  Monday, 16th Mar 2020
Street vendors are vital for tourism-friendly countries
  Thursday, 12th Mar 2020
Looking ahead of the Doha deal
  Thursday, 12th Mar 2020
Agenda 2030 — where does Pakistan stand?
  Tuesday, 10th Mar 2020
Impact of privatisation on public welfare in Pakistan
  Monday, 9th Mar 2020
Afghanistan peace deal must be followed by economic integration
  Tuesday, 3rd Mar 2020
Feminisation of migration
  Wednesday, 26th Feb 2020
Child Abuser Public Execution
  Friday, 21st Feb 2020
Lessons from Joan Robinson
  Monday, 24th Feb 2020
Decades of sacrifices for peace
  Tuesday, 18th Feb 2020
CPEC: the way forward
  Sunday, 16th Feb 2020
In Memoriam: The Living Legend Who is no More
  Sunday, 16th Feb 2020
A governance explanation of inflation
  Sunday, 9th Feb 2020
HDI in the age of 4th industrial revolution
  Sunday, 9th Feb 2020
Poor Pakistanis — Best source of income for all!
  Tuesday, 4th Feb 2020
Is there a solution to the wheat crisis?
  Sunday, 2nd Feb 2020
Debt, non-debt inflows: where we stand?
  Monday, 3rd Feb 2020
Population heterogeneity and the struggle for profit maximization under economic corridors
  Saturday, 1st Feb 2020
Making the corridor viable for all
  Saturday, 1st Feb 2020
SPARC organises roundtable discussion on tobacco control law
  Thursday, 30th Jan 2020
Look Africa but How?
  Friday, 31st Jan 2020
Unpacking the flour crisis
  Thursday, 23rd Jan 2020
‘One family-one tree’ programme for a green Pakistan
  Tuesday, 21st Jan 2020
Unprogressive mindsets of the masses and intolerance for social diversity: a development challenge for Pakistan
  Thursday, 16th Jan 2020
To be or not to be; USA-Iran tensions and Pakistan’s options
  Wednesday, 15th Jan 2020
Social citizenship — a driver of social policy
  Sunday, 12th Jan 2020
Economy’s 20-20
  Thursday, 9th Jan 2020
Connecting evidence to policy: seven key lessons for researchers
  Sunday, 29th Sep 2019
Economy 2020: best and worst cases
  Wednesday, 8th Jan 2020
SehatInsaf Card: not for all?
  Tuesday, 7th Jan 2020
The way forward for Pakistan’s economy in 2020
  Sunday, 5th Jan 2020
Pakistan & the 2030 Agenda: On course…sort of
  Wednesday, 31st Jul 2019
Pakistan’s geographical location: a curse or a blessing in disguise?
  Friday, 11th Oct 2019
Economy of Rayasat Medina
  Sunday, 29th Dec 2019
CPEC Puzzle
  Monday, 6th Jan 2020
Issues in water management and impending risks
  Tuesday, 31st Dec 2019
In the name of development
  Monday, 30th Dec 2019
Reforms in Joint Forces Command
  Monday, 30th Dec 2019
Missed opportunities
  Sunday, 29th Dec 2019
Human development in Pakistan: challenges and way forward
  Friday, 27th Dec 2019
Federalisation versus centralisation: 2020: Year of road to prosperity
  Friday, 27th Dec 2019
First, we need to develop ourselves as a nation, then economy
  Tuesday, 24th Dec 2019
Microfinance: for women, delivered by women
  Monday, 16th Dec 2019
The good, the bad and the worrisome
  Friday, 20th Dec 2019
Air-pocalypse Now?
  Thursday, 19th Dec 2019
Silence of the victim adding fuel to the fire of domestic violence
  Friday, 13th Dec 2019
Pak-Sri Lanka bilateral ties — a flashback of the last decade
  Friday, 13th Dec 2019
Public sector departments on your finger-tips
  Wednesday, 4th Dec 2019
Learning from the people
  Sunday, 24th Nov 2019
The construction of a cultural racism?
  Wednesday, 13th Nov 2019
The unseen barriers to social mobility
  Wednesday, 13th Nov 2019
Slower growth to derail SDGs
  Sunday, 3rd Nov 2019
Control dengue through biological means and insect growth regulator
  Thursday, 31st Oct 2019
A teacher is not like a parent; he is a parent!
  Wednesday, 23rd Oct 2019
Child Abuse Starts at home, So Should Protection be
  Thursday, 24th Oct 2019
‘Snakes in sleeves’; Pak-Afghan relations
  Friday, 18th Oct 2019
Role of social-commerce from entertainment to empowerment
  Monday, 14th Oct 2019
The 7F challenges
  Wednesday, 16th Oct 2019
Mental health and sustainable development
  Sunday, 13th Oct 2019
Technology and innovation necessary for firm development
  Sunday, 13th Oct 2019
No stability without sustainability
  Sunday, 6th Oct 2019
Potential and need of promoting tourism in Pakistan
  Thursday, 3rd Oct 2019
Micro financing a real game-changer for youth
  Wednesday, 25th Sep 2019
Kashmir; for better and for worse
  Wednesday, 25th Sep 2019
Rupee in the driving seat?
  Monday, 23rd Sep 2019
Climate change – seeing the possibilities
  Thursday, 19th Sep 2019
Lobsters everywhere, justice nowhere
  Friday, 20th Sep 2019
Our health predicament
  Thursday, 19th Sep 2019
Media: a gendered propaganda
  Saturday, 14th Sep 2019
Humanitarianism in Zarb–e–Azb : The new normal in Post Conflict Development and Rehabilitation in North Waziristan
  Monday, 9th Sep 2019
Political will for reform
  Tuesday, 10th Sep 2019
Political leadership vacuum at district level
  Tuesday, 10th Sep 2019
Advertisement in The Age of AI
  Monday, 2nd Sep 2019
Advertisement in The Age of AI
  Tuesday, 30th Nov 1999
A lesson for policy-makers
  Sunday, 1st Sep 2019
Self-determination: Kashmiris’ Valiant Resistance
  Wednesday, 28th Aug 2019
Economic year of uncertainty: the way forward
  Sunday, 25th Aug 2019
Climate change, polar bears and the need for a responsible consumption
  Friday, 23rd Aug 2019
Disconnect between youth and industry
  Sunday, 18th Aug 2019
Is the Sewak losing to the Skipper?
  Thursday, 22nd Aug 2019
Karachi – The lifeline of Pakistan is badly clogged
  Wednesday, 21st Aug 2019
Artificial intelligence for broader socio-economic gain
  Monday, 12th Aug 2019
Lessons from partition
  Friday, 16th Aug 2019
Why the surprise?
  Thursday, 8th Aug 2019
No more than a cry over spilled milk
  Wednesday, 7th Aug 2019
Combating Cybercrime
  Wednesday, 7th Aug 2019
Looking for the grey
  Tuesday, 30th Jul 2019
Boosting e-commerce in Pakistan
  Monday, 22nd Jul 2019
Pakistan China Free Trade Agreement (FTA): where we are and where we are going?
  Thursday, 25th Jul 2019
Healthcare system stressed
  Friday, 26th Jul 2019
Journey from Bullets to Ballots — Tribal Pakhtuns the real defenders of Western Borders
  Friday, 26th Jul 2019
Improving financial inclusion in Pakistan under bilateral relations with China
  Thursday, 4th Oct 2018
CASE STUDY: Sustainable Development Television in review
  Monday, 1st Apr 2019
As the summer holidays begin, where is the ‘yellow vest’ movement?
  Saturday, 20th Jul 2019
Integrating environmental protection into policy design of CPEC Phase II
  Monday, 22nd Jul 2019
Tackling hunger
  Saturday, 20th Jul 2019
On course…sort of
  Sunday, 21st Jul 2019
Humanity dying behind man-made cages
  Friday, 19th Jul 2019
Beyond the Budget
  Wednesday, 17th Jul 2019
Investment in Pakistan and doing business
  Monday, 15th Jul 2019
Intent and intentions
  Sunday, 14th Jul 2019
The Cottage Industry, a neglected sector in Pakistan
  Wednesday, 10th Jul 2019
Title: Poison in our hands
  Thursday, 4th Jul 2019
Taxing the weaker in Pakistan
  Wednesday, 3rd Jul 2019
Tackling hybrid warfare and coercive diplomacy: Challenges for Pakistan
  Saturday, 29th Jun 2019
Article 370 of the Indian Constitution Vs Insaniyat – Jamhooriyat and Kashmiriyat
  Wednesday, 26th Jun 2019
Last wicket to go
  Wednesday, 26th Jun 2019
Reforming monetary policy governance
  Sunday, 23rd Jun 2019
Cricket at Ground Zero
  Thursday, 20th Jun 2019
War for technological supremacy
  Sunday, 16th Jun 2019
Defiant tobacco industry in Pakistan
  Sunday, 16th Jun 2019
Unravelling the budget
  Sunday, 16th Jun 2019
The five 'Ds'
  Sunday, 16th Jun 2019
Cost of Air Pollution
  Tuesday, 11th Jun 2019
Ten billion trees and beyond
  Saturday, 8th Jun 2019
Budget Day
  Tuesday, 11th Jun 2019
Inflated expectations
  Sunday, 9th Jun 2019
Is GDP still a good measure of standard of living?
  Monday, 3rd Jun 2019
Why we are losing credibility and exports
  Monday, 3rd Jun 2019
Budgeting under the IMF
  Wednesday, 5th Jun 2019
Rationalising subsidies
  Sunday, 26th May 2019
The lower middle-class labour force
  Monday, 27th May 2019
Expectations from the budget
  Sunday, 26th May 2019
The IMF ride
  Sunday, 26th May 2019
Govt. is focused on Billion Tree Tsunami, heatwave centres are being set up. But In Long Run, It All Comes Down To Carbon Emissions
  Monday, 20th May 2019
Digital Pakistan – An Ambitious Goal?
  Monday, 20th May 2019
The tobacco control tug of war
  Friday, 17th May 2019
Integrating behavioral dynamics to step up women’s input in financial services
  Monday, 13th May 2019
What the programme demands
  Tuesday, 14th May 2019
Social, society and human sustainability
  Monday, 13th May 2019
Reforming the police
  Monday, 13th May 2019
Financial fears
  Sunday, 12th May 2019
Economics and Hybrid warfare: economic sanctions as a tool to pressurize the state
  Wednesday, 8th May 2019
Donating death – an open letter to the Prime Minister of Pakistan
  Wednesday, 8th May 2019
(Un)Monitoring the Unfathomable Insecurity in Afghanistan – The New Nadir of Stupidity
  Tuesday, 7th May 2019
A Cautionary Tale
  Monday, 6th May 2019
Pakistan’s tobacco control regime
  Monday, 6th May 2019
The role of social media
  Friday, 3rd May 2019
The disillusionment driving the yellow vests
  Friday, 3rd May 2019
Food inflation may prove to make or break for incumbents
  Friday, 3rd May 2019
Short of breath
  Sunday, 28th Apr 2019
Central Bank as we know it?
  Monday, 22nd Apr 2019
Freeing an economy in saddle
  Tuesday, 23rd Apr 2019
Plastic Is Eating Up Our Ecosystem, Our Environment, Even Our Children
  Friday, 19th Apr 2019
Monetary policy in fiscal stress
  Sunday, 21st Apr 2019
Economy on a rocky road
  Sunday, 21st Apr 2019
Learning from the skipper
  Sunday, 21st Apr 2019
More Than A Kick-Start
  Monday, 15th Apr 2019
Devaluation, IMF talks and Pakistan exports
  Thursday, 11th Apr 2019
Predictive Inequality in Artificial Intelligence Modernism
  Monday, 8th Apr 2019
An Overdue stitch for the economy
  Tuesday, 9th Apr 2019
Financial Inclusion: opportunity or outcome?
  Monday, 1st Apr 2019
France’s yellow vest movement in France adrift?
  Monday, 1st Apr 2019
Aged to Perfection?
  Monday, 25th Mar 2019
The Malaysian model
  Tuesday, 26th Mar 2019
The Price of Saudi Investment
  Friday, 15th Mar 2019
Economic troubleshooting
  Sunday, 10th Mar 2019
Peace not war
  Wednesday, 6th Mar 2019
Addressing the gaps in Dir's economic plans
  Saturday, 2nd Mar 2019
Addressing the gaps in Dir's economic plans
  Saturday, 2nd Mar 2019
Coal in the time of climate change
  Sunday, 17th Feb 2019
Opportunities to increase foreign exchange through non-resident Pakistanis
  Friday, 15th Feb 2019
China-backed coal projects raise heat in Pakistan
  Wednesday, 13th Feb 2019
Adversity ought to be temporary
  Tuesday, 12th Feb 2019
Economic Gurus: The PTI Government just presented the mini-finance bill!
  Friday, 8th Feb 2019
Economic Gurus: No escaping the IMF
  Monday, 14th Jan 2019
Finance Act 2019 and Doing Business
  Thursday, 31st Jan 2019
Cybersecurity Threats: Policy gaps, challenges and way forward
  Thursday, 7th Feb 2019
The ‘yellow vests’ movement has put important social issues at the centre of the political debate
  Saturday, 2nd Feb 2019
Addressing social, justice and economic gaps of Kohat
  Sunday, 3rd Feb 2019
The PTI’s economic strategy
  Saturday, 26th Jan 2019
How Balochistan can develop Sustainably?
  Sunday, 27th Jan 2019
Electricity losses continue in the country caught in electricity crisis
  Thursday, 24th Jan 2019
Achieving sustainable development goals in Balochistan
  Friday, 18th Jan 2019
Loralai - a district called crises
  Saturday, 19th Jan 2019
How development projects can sustain in Pakistan
  Saturday, 12th Jan 2019
Good news, bad news
  Sunday, 13th Jan 2019
Yellow vests movement or the forced return of French leaders towards a politics with a human face
  Thursday, 10th Jan 2019
ARTS, CULTURE & BOOKS Will years of unfulfilled hopes and mistrust turn around?
  Sunday, 6th Jan 2019
Beyond the 100 days
  Tuesday, 1st Jan 2019
The Economy in 2019
  Tuesday, 1st Jan 2019
COP24 and Pakistan
  Sunday, 30th Dec 2018
‘Legislation divorced from data cannot succeed’ an interview with Dr Imran Saqib Khalid of Sustainable Development Policy Institute
  Monday, 24th Dec 2018
Towards recognition
  Monday, 24th Dec 2018
Climate negotiations: road to nowhere
  Wednesday, 19th Dec 2018
Achieving sustainable development goals in Balochistan
  Tuesday, 18th Dec 2018
From fog to smog
  Sunday, 16th Dec 2018
Proposals to promote remittances inflows through formal channels
  Saturday, 15th Dec 2018
Pakistan should seek Chinese help for upgrading worker skills
  Monday, 26th Nov 2018
Digital dangers
  Sunday, 11th Nov 2018
Our future with China
  Sunday, 11th Nov 2018
Chinese lessons
  Saturday, 3rd Nov 2018
Action and solution
  Thursday, 18th Oct 2018
Higher education facilities and tourism opportunities in district Chakwal
  Saturday, 13th Oct 2018
The Dam Rhetoric
  Friday, 12th Oct 2018
IMF and home – grown solutions
  Thursday, 11th Oct 2018
Don’t buy panic on rupee fall
  Thursday, 11th Oct 2018
The implication of gas price hike
  Sunday, 7th Oct 2018
One last loan
  Wednesday, 3rd Oct 2018
Reforming economy of Pakistan
  Sunday, 30th Sep 2018
Roadmap for revival
  Sunday, 23rd Sep 2018
The inevitable gas price hike
  Tuesday, 18th Sep 2018
Increasing awareness : Experts warn too much seafood can cause mercury poisoning
  Saturday, 8th Sep 2018
Pakistan should undertake reforms the way China did
  Monday, 10th Sep 2018
Impact of withholding taxes on welfare
  Wednesday, 12th Sep 2018
The startup culture in Pakistan
  Sunday, 9th Sep 2018
Taxation under new political landscape
  Sunday, 2nd Sep 2018
Increased Inflow of overseas Pakistanis remittances attributed to Imran's victory, Eidul-Adha
  Thursday, 16th Aug 2018
Aligning our development plans with SDGs
  Saturday, 18th Aug 2018
Deteriorating situation and way forward for Afghanistan
  Sunday, 19th Aug 2018
Coalition government: a challenge or opportunity?
  Monday, 13th Aug 2018
Green, green hills: Pakistan's incoming government pledges to plant billions of trees
  Wednesday, 8th Aug 2018
Pakistan's municipal water supply - laws and flaws
  Thursday, 9th Aug 2018
Our water woes
  Saturday, 4th Aug 2018
People and the Pakistani economy
  Saturday, 4th Aug 2018
Third party standing
  Sunday, 5th Aug 2018
The way forward
  Sunday, 5th Aug 2018
How will the prevailing economic turmoil effect PTI?
  Saturday, 4th Aug 2018
Intellectual dishonesty; a worrisome future in the hands of educated elite
  Friday, 3rd Aug 2018
Instead of opposing, PTI likely to back CPEC plan
  Monday, 30th Jul 2018
Fixing purana Pakistan
  Monday, 30th Jul 2018
Trade diplomacy only hope to raise exports’
  Friday, 27th Jul 2018
How to best deal with water shortage
  Thursday, 26th Jul 2018
Defending Digital Frontiers in the Age of ‘Alternative Facts’
  Tuesday, 24th Jul 2018
2018 elections need the youth vote
  Sunday, 22nd Jul 2018
Pakistan needs a softer image and a Magic Bullet might help
  Sunday, 22nd Jul 2018
2018 elections need the youth vote
  Sunday, 22nd Jul 2018
How do the three biggest parties approach economic growth
  Wednesday, 18th Jul 2018
Politicians declare much less value of assets
  Monday, 16th Jul 2018
Water wars
  Sunday, 15th Jul 2018
Addressing the gaps in Swat’s economic plans
  Saturday, 14th Jul 2018
From the crisis of state legitimacy to state building
  Monday, 16th Jul 2018
Accountability in education
  Friday, 13th Jul 2018
Overselling of CPEC diverts attention from other sectors
  Monday, 9th Jul 2018
Lost in the grey…
  Thursday, 5th Jul 2018
صحت اور سیاست
  Wednesday, 4th Jul 2018
Democracy, extremism and identity politics
  Monday, 2nd Jul 2018
The weight of our water and energy crises
  Wednesday, 27th Jun 2018
2018’s elections and the missing manifestos
  Thursday, 28th Jun 2018
  Sunday, 24th Jun 2018
بچوں کے دانتوں کی مرکری بھرائی پر پابندی عائد کی جائے، شیزاء درانی
  Sunday, 24th Jun 2018
Trump is leaving nothing to the imagination in his war against the world
  Thursday, 21st Jun 2018
Let’s not leave our politics to the politicians
  Saturday, 16th Jun 2018
Dying slowly - why health reforms are the need of the hour
  Wednesday, 13th Jun 2018
Mercury toxicity
  Saturday, 26th May 2018
Concerns and implications of PTI's 100 day Economic agenda
  Saturday, 26th May 2018
Mercury-free dentistry is essential for our children’s health
  Sunday, 10th Jun 2018
Will the 2018 Elections be decided on social media?
  Friday, 8th Jun 2018
Amnesty scheme needs to be extended to reap benefits, experts believe
  Sunday, 3rd Jun 2018
US withdrawal from JCPOA: intensification of economic war
  Sunday, 3rd Jun 2018
Bad governance in tax system hurting revenue collection
  Monday, 4th Jun 2018
Can academic diaspora help Pakistan?
  Sunday, 3rd Jun 2018
Good governance in Pakistan
  Saturday, 5th May 2018
Farmers unable to cope with shocks induced by climate change
  Tuesday, 29th May 2018
Herald special: State of healthcare in Pakistan
  Thursday, 24th May 2018
Citizen centric health reforms
  Thursday, 24th May 2018
The services sector and export growth
  Sunday, 13th May 2018
Pakistan has gone from water surplus to water-stressed
  Monday, 14th May 2018
Meagre resources allocated to tackle climate change
  Monday, 14th May 2018
Opinion: Pakistan’s new National Water Policy is historic
  Tuesday, 8th May 2018
Tax Management and Budget 2018-19: Expectations versus Reality
  Thursday, 10th May 2018
Pakistan’s deceptive National Water Policy
  Thursday, 10th May 2018
Pakistan in the grips of fanaticism
  Thursday, 10th May 2018
Taxing for services: does the government deserve revenue?
  Monday, 7th May 2018
A formula budget
  Sunday, 6th May 2018
Population control a way to tackle climate change
  Monday, 30th Apr 2018
Are we the victims or perpetrators?
  Monday, 30th Apr 2018
Fiscal policy and the levers of growth
  Sunday, 29th Apr 2018
How sustainable are our higher education institutes?
  Wednesday, 16th May 2018
Assessing the Federal Budget
  Thursday, 3rd May 2018
Investment in Pakistan: the way forward
  Wednesday, 2nd May 2018
Towards achieving education goals in Pakistan
  Thursday, 26th Apr 2018
Thinking trade
  Thursday, 26th Apr 2018
Budget and growth trajectories
  Monday, 23rd Apr 2018
Global trade war: the implications for developing economies
  Sunday, 22nd Apr 2018
Health promises: comparative analysis of political manifestos
  Wednesday, 18th Apr 2018
Urban flooding threat
  Tuesday, 17th Apr 2018
Balochistan’s water
  Friday, 13th Apr 2018
Resource distribution Instead of updating NFC Award, govt. opts for ad hoc extensions
  Monday, 16th Apr 2018
CPEC and politics of inefficiency
  Sunday, 15th Apr 2018
Water politics: a disastrous recipe for Pakistan
  Monday, 16th Apr 2018
2013, 2016 and 2018
  Sunday, 15th Apr 2018
Can tax amnesty Scheme broaden tax base?
  Monday, 16th Apr 2018
PM eco reforms times
  Friday, 13th Apr 2018
Pakistan’s tax reform agenda
  Tuesday, 10th Apr 2018
Understanding the new tax amnesty
  Monday, 9th Apr 2018
Pakistan’s geo-strategic significance
  Monday, 9th Apr 2018
Can tax amnesty broaden tax base?
  Monday, 9th Apr 2018
The Economic way forward
  Sunday, 8th Apr 2018
Adapting to Pakistan’s economic challenges
  Wednesday, 4th Apr 2018
CPEC-environmental consideration essential to maximize benefits
  Thursday, 29th Mar 2018
Political economy notes
  Thursday, 29th Mar 2018
Our dwindling exports to Afghanistan
  Wednesday, 28th Mar 2018
Pakistan’s black swan
  Sunday, 25th Mar 2018
Pathways to development
  Sunday, 25th Mar 2018
Good and bad of economy
  Sunday, 25th Mar 2018
How to make external trade strategy work
  Saturday, 17th Mar 2018
Pakistan needs to bring reforms, rather than revolution
  Monday, 19th Mar 2018
Farmers see room for improvement in crop loan insurance scheme
  Tuesday, 13th Mar 2018
Economic fallout of being on grey list
  Monday, 5th Mar 2018
The policing system of British rule
  Tuesday, 6th Mar 2018
Pipeline politics
  Monday, 5th Mar 2018
Educational reforms and democracy
  Sunday, 4th Mar 2018
America First' policy to have direct implications for Pakistan's economy
  Monday, 5th Mar 2018
Pakistan – Still suffering from a colonial-era policing system
  Sunday, 25th Feb 2018
Fostering trade development in Pakistan
  Monday, 26th Feb 2018
Achieving export targets
  Tuesday, 27th Feb 2018
A Matter of Inclusion
  Tuesday, 27th Feb 2018
Importance of career counseling
  Friday, 23rd Feb 2018
Challenges in the Age of Digital Diplomacy!
  Monday, 12th Feb 2018
CPEC is set to transform Pakistan’s economy
  Monday, 12th Feb 2018
Accessing justice through ADRs
  Saturday, 27th Jan 2018
E-commerce prospects for a young Pakistan
  Monday, 29th Jan 2018
A shared future under CPEC
  Sunday, 28th Jan 2018
Resilient cities
  Tuesday, 23rd Jan 2018
Private sector a vital part of solution to climate change
  Sunday, 21st Jan 2018
Welfare impacts of depreciating rupee
  Wednesday, 17th Jan 2018
Economy of Tomorrow: Producing socially inclusive, sustainable growth
  Thursday, 18th Jan 2018
CPEC and the sustainable development it brings to Pakistan
  Monday, 15th Jan 2018
Pakistan’s exchange rate management
  Wednesday, 10th Jan 2018
Pakistan's trade prospects in 2018
  Sunday, 7th Jan 2018
What we need to implement REDD+ in Pakistan
  Friday, 29th Dec 2017
Will we be able to go beyond the rhetoric to face the water challenges ahead?
  Monday, 1st Jan 2018
An adviser and a minister of state
  Friday, 29th Dec 2017
Resilience in Pakistan’s economy
  Sunday, 31st Dec 2017
IT in Pakistan: challenges and solutions
  Tuesday, 26th Dec 2017
KP traders stress reforms in trade strategy
  Tuesday, 26th Dec 2017
Climate science and policy frameworks
  Tuesday, 26th Dec 2017
Pakistan needs $32bn to fund external account next year
  Tuesday, 19th Dec 2017
South Asia’s citizens can succeed where governments failed
  Saturday, 9th Dec 2017
Elections and manifestoes
  Sunday, 3rd Dec 2017
CPEC offers opportunities of growth for SMEs
  Saturday, 9th Dec 2017
More of the Same
  Wednesday, 6th Dec 2017
Climate Change negotiations – time does matter
  Monday, 27th Nov 2017
Pakistan: What does the census mean for urban youth?
  Saturday, 25th Nov 2017
A matter of policy
  Sunday, 26th Nov 2017
Between government and non-government
  Sunday, 26th Nov 2017
Is REDD+ mechanism enough to fight climate change?
  Monday, 20th Nov 2017
Our common future: dealing with climate change
  Tuesday, 14th Nov 2017
Strategic Trade Policy Framework
  Monday, 13th Nov 2017
Government to develop next STPF in consultation with private sector
  Tuesday, 7th Nov 2017
Declining exports
  Monday, 6th Nov 2017
Lessons from the business index
  Sunday, 5th Nov 2017
Environmental woes
  Monday, 6th Nov 2017
The neglected tools that can enhance exports and GDP
  Thursday, 2nd Nov 2017
Government to avoid IMF loan, rupee depreciation despite colossal deficit
  Saturday, 25th Nov 2017
Achieving export competitiveness
  Tuesday, 31st Oct 2017
Pakistan must act now to ensure water supply for agriculture
  Monday, 30th Oct 2017
Pakistan’s external debt repayment capacity weakens
  Friday, 27th Oct 2017
Time to meet international standards in skill training
  Friday, 27th Oct 2017
Playing with unrealistic poverty statistics
  Tuesday, 24th Oct 2017
World Health Summit urges political will to follow up on UHC commitments
  Friday, 20th Oct 2017
Protecting Forest will Protect Pakistan
  Wednesday, 18th Oct 2017
K-P can be hub for investment, but govt needs to do more
  Monday, 9th Oct 2017
Textile sector losing out
  Tuesday, 10th Oct 2017
Tracing the impact of El Nino on agriculture and life in Mirpur Khas
  Friday, 13th Oct 2017
A multitude of reasons for the fall in exports
  Tuesday, 3rd Oct 2017
Punjabi’s most credible advocate
  Sunday, 1st Oct 2017
Public debt and debt mismanagement
  Saturday, 30th Sep 2017
Chalking out a plan
  Sunday, 24th Sep 2017
Pakistan is a water-stressed country and an innovative mindset is needed
  Monday, 18th Sep 2017
REDD+ weapon to fight against climate change
  Saturday, 16th Sep 2017
Carbon footprint: checking the unchecked
  Thursday, 14th Sep 2017
Planning to empower communities
  Saturday, 9th Sep 2017
Crumbling childhoods and Pakistan's apathy
  Monday, 11th Sep 2017
The Need For MRV And Transparency Framework In Pakistan’s Climate Finance
  Wednesday, 30th Aug 2017
Pakistan must enhance competitiveness to advance
  Monday, 28th Aug 2017
Pakistan Overtakes Brazil, Becomes 5th Most Populous Country
  Saturday, 26th Aug 2017
Pitfalls of the food policy
  Saturday, 26th Aug 2017
Money matters and climate action
  Friday, 25th Aug 2017
Social engagement for NAP implementation
  Tuesday, 22nd Aug 2017
Pakistan needs access to global funds to cope with climate change
  Monday, 14th Aug 2017
Scheming for youth
  Sunday, 13th Aug 2017
Pakistan beyond 70
  Sunday, 13th Aug 2017
Impact of rising external debt on economic growth
  Monday, 7th Aug 2017
The case for Pakistan to ramp up its renewable energy generation
  Saturday, 29th Jul 2017
Memorandum of Understanding between Thammasat University and the Sustainable Development Policy Institute, Pakistan
  Saturday, 22nd Jul 2017
Pakistan’s Economic Woes
  Sunday, 30th Jul 2017
Track II Vital for climate change cooperation in South Asia
  Wednesday, 26th Jul 2017
A borrowed growth!
  Sunday, 16th Jul 2017
Govt. must rethink social design
  Monday, 10th Jul 2017
How independent is the State Bank of Pakistan?
  Friday, 7th Jul 2017
Where does the SBP stand?
  Monday, 10th Jul 2017
ADB and Pakistan celebrate 50 years of ties with pledge to expand partnership
  Thursday, 6th Jul 2017
Why are social enterprises not growing?
  Friday, 7th Jul 2017
Analysing the reality of climate-induced migration in Pakistan’s semi-arid regions
  Thursday, 6th Jul 2017
Archivist par excellence
  Sunday, 25th Jun 2017
Bahawalpur tragedy not first of its kind
  Monday, 26th Jun 2017
Bridging shortfall: Energy sector should get priority in resource allocation
  Monday, 26th Jun 2017
They are trying to understand jugaad management at Harvard Business School
  Thursday, 29th Jun 2017
Education and social safety nets: what budget numbers say
  Monday, 19th Jun 2017
A metaphor of resistance
  Sunday, 11th Jun 2017
Will budget 2017-18 promote local and foreign investment?
  Wednesday, 31st May 2017
Budget indicators and the PML-N
  Sunday, 4th Jun 2017
Sustainable Development in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
  Sunday, 28th May 2017
Money Matters Climate of change
  Tuesday, 30th May 2017
Government needs to revisit filer, non-filer distinction
  Tuesday, 30th May 2017
Education key to success for Pakistan: social activists
  Thursday, 11th May 2017
Public-private partnerships key to achieving SDGs
  Monday, 29th May 2017
Another budget full of ambiguities
  Sunday, 28th May 2017
Trade - low hanging fruit in Af-Pak ties - II
  Thursday, 25th May 2017
Trade - low hanging fruit in Af-Pak ties - I
  Wednesday, 24th May 2017
Interview: MNA Romina Khurshid Alam Pakistan’s democracy has matured
  Sunday, 14th May 2017
Track II: Vital for climate change cooperation in South Asia
  Friday, 5th May 2017
Leaving no one behind
  Thursday, 4th May 2017
China bails out Pakistan with $1.2bn loans
  Tuesday, 25th Apr 2017
In Conversation with Shafqat Kakakhel Internal Water Management Practices
  Monday, 17th Apr 2017
China bails out Pakistan with $1.2bn loans: Financial Times
  Thursday, 27th Apr 2017
View from across the border
  Sunday, 30th Apr 2017
How the budget can save private enterprise
  Sunday, 23rd Apr 2017
FDI: New approach needed
  Wednesday, 19th Apr 2017
Indecisiveness over Panama leaks adversely impacted development/business activities
  Wednesday, 19th Apr 2017
Mining our way to zero load Shedding
  Monday, 17th Apr 2017
Taxing exports
  Sunday, 16th Apr 2017
پانچواں اسلام آباد لٹریچر فیسٹیول شاندار تقریبات کے ساتھ اختتام پذیر ہو گیا
  Monday, 17th Apr 2017
Census, finally
  Sunday, 26th Mar 2017
Supreme authority in a democratic state
  Friday, 17th Mar 2017
Lessons from the Summit
  Sunday, 5th Mar 2017
Planning for internal migration
  Saturday, 1st Oct 2016
Sustainable development in Balochistan
  Sunday, 8th Jan 2017
Energy resources
  Friday, 6th Jan 2017
Strengthening South Asia Value Chain
  Sunday, 6th Dec 2015
2017 — a moment of contemplation
  Sunday, 1st Jan 2017
Higher education - trends and challenges
  Monday, 5th Dec 2016
How secure is Pakistan?
  Friday, 23rd Dec 2016
بینکاری برائے شرح مبادلہ
  Thursday, 1st Dec 2016
Framing Pakistan’s agenda at COP22
  Tuesday, 22nd Nov 2016
From Paris to Marrakesh
  Monday, 21st Nov 2016
Afghan transit trade needs to be rightly executed for local spare parts business; diversification in filter making a must
  Monday, 14th Nov 2016
Rethinking flood risk policy in Pakistan
  Tuesday, 8th Nov 2016
Poor performance
  Sunday, 6th Nov 2016
From my bookshelf: 'Many Pakistani writers have produced excellent works'
  Wednesday, 2nd Nov 2016
Social enterprises and development
  Sunday, 30th Oct 2016
Was climate change responsible for my father's death?
  Thursday, 6th Oct 2016
Translating Commitments into Actions
  Monday, 3rd Oct 2016
Implications of the latest Indian moves on the Indus Waters Treaty
  Tuesday, 4th Oct 2016
CPEC and regional integration
  Monday, 3rd Oct 2016
The fruits of democracy
  Saturday, 27th Aug 2016
Water, floods and harassment
  Monday, 1st Aug 2016
Anything for the poor?
  Sunday, 31st Jul 2016
Planning for agriculture
  Sunday, 10th Jul 2016
Matters of Climate Change
  Sunday, 12th Jun 2016
One budget, different accounts
  Sunday, 12th Jun 2016
Neglecting our most powerful weapon
  Tuesday, 14th Jun 2016
The Apparel Sector
  Friday, 13th May 2016
Poverty diagnostics
  Sunday, 10th Apr 2016
COMMENT: Floods in Dera Ghazi Khan: Stories of resilience and vulnerability from the field
  Thursday, 3rd Sep 2015
Eighteen Years and Still Counting
  Sunday, 20th Mar 2016
Are we serious on climate change?
  Monday, 21st Mar 2016
On The Basis of Guestimates
  Sunday, 20th Mar 2016
A budget for jobs
  Sunday, 20th Mar 2016
Counting on Census
  Sunday, 6th Mar 2016
El Niño: A looming disaster
  Wednesday, 2nd Mar 2016
Poverty defined as pauperism
  Monday, 25th Jan 2016
Focusing on the gas sector
  Sunday, 24th Jan 2016
Let there be trade
  Thursday, 14th Jan 2016
Economic integration in SA
  Thursday, 14th Jan 2016
Pakistan harnesses the wind, but struggles to transmit electricity
  Monday, 11th Jan 2016
Education Watch
  Friday, 8th Jan 2016
Pakistan harnesses the wind, but struggles to transmit electricity
  Wednesday, 6th Jan 2016
Declining investment inflows
  Sunday, 13th Dec 2015
First steps for the capital
  Sunday, 6th Dec 2015
The future of our children depends on us
  Wednesday, 2nd Dec 2015
Climate change: A season of apathy
  Sunday, 29th Nov 2015
Environment in 350 words
  Sunday, 29th Nov 2015
Paris summit: Pakistan’s INDCs document flawed, says Kakakhel
  Sunday, 15th Nov 2015
17 goals to transform the world
  Sunday, 15th Nov 2015
Sustainable development reform French lessons
  Sunday, 1st Nov 2015
NTBs major hindrance towards trade integration
  Sunday, 11th Oct 2015
Policy brief
  Sunday, 11th Oct 2015
“Food insecurity is a non-traditional security threat”
  Sunday, 11th Oct 2015
In search of a research strategy
  Sunday, 27th Sep 2015
Forces of divergence in Pakistan
  Sunday, 20th Sep 2015
Trade Reforms: a neglected area
  Sunday, 20th Sep 2015
The LNG deal and the masters of spin
  Thursday, 17th Sep 2015
Who will save Siachen?
  Tuesday, 8th Sep 2015
A snapshot of education in Pakistan
  Sunday, 6th Sep 2015
From Economy to Security
  Tuesday, 1st Sep 2015
India-Pakistan: Silence for now
  Sunday, 30th Aug 2015
Assistance that seldom helps
  Saturday, 29th Aug 2015
The crisis of too much and too little water
  Monday, 10th Aug 2015
Leaving climate change to Allah’s mercy
  Friday, 24th Jul 2015
Rain on radar
  Sunday, 26th Jul 2015
The need to acknowledge climate change
  Friday, 10th Jul 2015
Metro Bus Project: The opportunity cost of ignoring education
  Monday, 6th Jul 2015
Social accountability: an antidote for corruption
  Saturday, 4th Jul 2015
Climate change and heatwaves
  Saturday, 4th Jul 2015
Opinion Looking at History for the future of the CPEC
  Saturday, 27th Jun 2015
Poverty of imagination
  Tuesday, 30th Jun 2015
Per Capita debt as high as PKP 100,670
  Wednesday, 24th Jun 2015
The long and short of the budget
  Sunday, 21st Jun 2015
Food Insecurity in South Asia
  Wednesday, 10th Jun 2015
Green to orange
  Wednesday, 10th Jun 2015
Labour-intensive industries – a way to fight poverty
  Sunday, 7th Jun 2015
Gaps and challenges in education spending
  Monday, 8th Jun 2015
The 4pc challenge
  Thursday, 4th Jun 2015
Shale gas: a real game-changer
  Wednesday, 3rd Jun 2015
Intra-regional aerial connectivity within South Asia
  Tuesday, 2nd Jun 2015
The need for decentralised governance
  Saturday, 30th May 2015
Communicating Policy Research: Perspectives from Vernacular Media
  Thursday, 28th May 2015
Focusing on climate adaptation
  Sunday, 31st May 2015
A challenge for cities of the future
  Monday, 25th May 2015
Does budget matter in education
  Sunday, 17th May 2015
Murky Visions
  Tuesday, 26th May 2015
COMMENT: Towards an inclusive global climate agreement
  Tuesday, 19th May 2015
On the same grid
  Monday, 18th May 2015
Education for All
  Thursday, 30th Apr 2015
Time for provincial tax reforms
  Sunday, 5th Apr 2015
Women and education: Yet another divide?
  Sunday, 22nd Mar 2015
En route to climate change adaptation
  Sunday, 8th Mar 2015
Connecting the dots
  Sunday, 1st Mar 2015
Resource rich or poor
  Sunday, 22nd Feb 2015
Cars, consumers and protectionism
  Sunday, 8th Feb 2015
Time comes to focus on new economic model
  Monday, 2nd Feb 2015
The gendered face of calamity
  Saturday, 31st Jan 2015
Dams for progress
  Wednesday, 28th Jan 2015
Lessons from the petrol crisis
  Sunday, 25th Jan 2015
Energy security
  Sunday, 18th Jan 2015
Pakistan vs rest of South Asia
  Sunday, 18th Jan 2015
Conventional gas for conventional minds
  Monday, 12th Jan 2015
Oil price bonanza
  Sunday, 28th Dec 2014
Tax, lies and red tape
  Wednesday, 3rd Dec 2014
All about a handshake
  Tuesday, 30th Dec 2014
Without Policy
  Monday, 24th Nov 2014
Plan for Thar
  Sunday, 23rd Nov 2014
The ‘Women factor’ in food insecurity
  Sunday, 16th Nov 2014
Fighting inequalities
  Saturday, 15th Nov 2014
Tourism has fallen from great peaks
  Monday, 3rd Nov 2014
External Debt; Reason behind this Season in Pakistan’s Economy
  Thursday, 9th Oct 2014
Dealing with food insecurity
  Monday, 27th Oct 2014
Alarm bells
  Sunday, 26th Oct 2014
Taxation: One of Pakistan’s weakest links
  Thursday, 23rd Oct 2014
The national challenge of internal displacement
  Sunday, 19th Oct 2014
Preparing for a challenge
  Sunday, 19th Oct 2014
Wretched of the earth
  Tuesday, 14th Oct 2014
Trade: Vanguard of change
  Monday, 13th Oct 2014
Piling up Foreign debt burden mounting at rapid pace
  Monday, 6th Oct 2014
Five lessons from the floods 2014
  Sunday, 5th Oct 2014
Slow to learn
  Sunday, 21st Sep 2014
The cost of neglect
  Sunday, 21st Sep 2014
Apples and oranges
  Monday, 22nd Sep 2014
Deforestation: Thousands of hectares denuded every year
  Monday, 22nd Sep 2014
The 2010 floods: did we learn?
  Friday, 19th Sep 2014
What needs to be done to manage floods better
  Tuesday, 16th Sep 2014
Prerequisite to stability
  Sunday, 31st Aug 2014
A case of energy diplomacy
  Sunday, 20th Jul 2014
More Trade Options
  Sunday, 27th Jul 2014
Displaced priorities
  Sunday, 27th Jul 2014
Less power to the people
  Sunday, 27th Jul 2014
Abdication as policy
  Tuesday, 15th Jul 2014
Economic Impacts of Post-2014 Afghanistan
  Saturday, 12th Jul 2014
Letters What is the difference between a patriot and a subversive?
  Friday, 11th Jul 2014
Faisalabad City: textile and environment
  Monday, 7th Jul 2014
What is in the budget for masses?
  Sunday, 15th Jun 2014
Year one: more of the same?
  Tuesday, 10th Jun 2014
Drowning in debt Pakistan’s debt burden has grown sharply since 2008
  Sunday, 8th Jun 2014
Great expectations
  Sunday, 1st Jun 2014
Boon or bane?: Historical analysis of Pakistan's foreign aid inflow
  Monday, 19th May 2014
Role of Telecom Sector in Education
  Friday, 9th May 2014
Few contemporary writers are courageous to take their own flight
  Sunday, 4th May 2014
Energy and tax reforms
  Sunday, 27th Apr 2014
The Need for Shared Constituencies
  Tuesday, 22nd Apr 2014
Challenges: In quest for solutions to feed growing population
  Monday, 21st Apr 2014
The good and the bad news
  Sunday, 20th Apr 2014
Why trade with India is in our interest
  Tuesday, 15th Apr 2014
Energy, Taxation & Politicle Economy of Pakistan
  Thursday, 3rd Apr 2014
Sketching ten lives
  Sunday, 6th Apr 2014
Fighting hunger — a clarion call
  Thursday, 3rd Apr 2014
Bordering on opportunities
  Sunday, 30th Mar 2014
Averting disaster
  Friday, 21st Mar 2014
Taxation Reforms in Pakistan and Way Forward
  Friday, 14th Mar 2014
Forth time around
  Sunday, 9th Mar 2014
Poverty: a non-traditional security threat
  Saturday, 8th Mar 2014
Trading in mis-trust
  Sunday, 2nd Mar 2014
This year, it’s domestic workers
  Sunday, 16th Feb 2014
LNG imports
  Sunday, 16th Feb 2014
Role of trade with India in post-2014 scenario
  Monday, 10th Feb 2014
Headless bodies
  Sunday, 29th Dec 2013
2013- Not a good year for the climate
  Sunday, 5th Jan 2014
Pharmaceutical Trade with India
  Friday, 27th Dec 2013
Services trade diversification is a good growth strategy
  Monday, 30th Dec 2013
Bitter realities
  Sunday, 29th Dec 2013
Gas import projects Country must woo foreign investors
  Monday, 2nd Dec 2013
GSP Plus status: Challenges & opportunities
  Friday, 20th Dec 2013
Afghan trade
  Wednesday, 20th Nov 2013
Regional energy trade to bridge demand-supply gap
  Monday, 18th Nov 2013
Who is going to loose?
  Saturday, 9th Nov 2013
Going local Pakistan can learn decentralization lessons from Asia
  Friday, 8th Nov 2013
Indo-Pak trade needs a push
  Monday, 14th Jan 2013
Govt. must share facts on IP gas pipeline project
  Monday, 4th Nov 2013
Bearing the brunt: Effect of terrorism on FDI in Pakistan
  Monday, 4th Nov 2013
Not all is lost: Reaping dividends of demographic change
  Monday, 4th Nov 2013
Statistics are sacred
  Friday, 25th Oct 2013
Doing business in Pakistan: learn from sub-national peers
  Sunday, 6th Oct 2013
Scientists in Japan and elsewhere have developed earthquake early warning systems. Where do we stand?
  Sunday, 27th Oct 2013
Defining violence and conflict
  Tuesday, 22nd Oct 2013
Currency matters Appreciate Pakistani rupee: avoid huge external debt
  Monday, 21st Oct 2013
The generosity of Bangladesh
  Monday, 14th Oct 2013
Acts of terror and economic cost
  Sunday, 22nd Sep 2013
Tackling unemployment Follow Bangladesh’s manpower export model
  Sunday, 22nd Sep 2013
Youth, economy and future; missing links
  Monday, 9th Sep 2013
Country needs trade, investment not aid
  Monday, 9th Sep 2013
Educational challenges
  Sunday, 8th Sep 2013
Early warning
  Sunday, 8th Sep 2013
Bridging the gaps of democracy through civil societies
  Monday, 26th Aug 2013
Framework of Economic Growth needs to be revisited to achieve prosperity
  Monday, 12th Aug 2013
Electricity governance issues can be fixed in a fortnight
  Friday, 2nd Aug 2013
Pakistan at WTO
  Wednesday, 24th Jul 2013
Reliance on few markets, products restricting export growth
  Monday, 29th Jul 2013
A quick fix, again
  Sunday, 28th Jul 2013
On the death of Pakistan's tourism industry
  Friday, 5th Jul 2013
Learning from fast growing neighbours
  Monday, 15th Jul 2013
New Saudi labour laws may restrict remittances to Pakistan
  Monday, 1st Jul 2013
Lessons from neighbours, Pakistan can follow China and India to reform its energy sector
  Sunday, 23rd Jun 2013
A brief look at the possible outcomes of Federal budget 2013-14
  Monday, 24th Jun 2013
The reality behind unending energy woes
  Monday, 24th Jun 2013
Budget 2013-14: Business as usual? No miracles
  Friday, 21st Jun 2013
A case for reintroducing wealth tax
  Monday, 10th Jun 2013
The contributions of our workers abroad
  Monday, 15th Apr 2013
A public health disaster
  Monday, 15th Apr 2013
The issue of communal property
  Monday, 3rd Jun 2013
Anti-Corruption Strategy: A Civil Society Perspective
  Thursday, 30th May 2013
Solving our energy crisis with renewables
  Tuesday, 28th May 2013
Indo-Pak trade: Which way will the wind blow?
  Monday, 27th May 2013
Dental hospitals in Pakistan polluted with mercury
  Wednesday, 15th May 2013
Is the Black economy all that black?
  Monday, 20th May 2013
PAK-INDIA TRADE Non-tariff barriers hampering regional trade
  Monday, 20th May 2013
The Shape of things to come
  Thursday, 16th May 2013
Challenges for new government
  Sunday, 12th May 2013
New promises for old
  Sunday, 5th May 2013
Students as links between cultures
  Sunday, 5th May 2013
Investment in India
  Sunday, 5th May 2013
The Dummies? Guide to Governing Pakistan
  Friday, 26th Apr 2013
On local government
  Tuesday, 23rd Apr 2013
MDGs: Issues for the Future in Pakistan
  Sunday, 31st Mar 2013
Elections in an uneducated Pakistan
  Thursday, 18th Apr 2013
The Energy Supply conundrum Integrating the resources of Central and South Asia
  Monday, 1st Apr 2013
Problems of peri-urban areas warrant immediate attention to policy
  Monday, 1st Apr 2013
Trade for peace in South Asia
  Monday, 25th Mar 2013
Can private sector mitigate conflicts?
  Sunday, 24th Mar 2013
Poverty ? a contradiction of record and reality
  Monday, 25th Feb 2013
If a Shia, you are on your own
  Wednesday, 27th Feb 2013
Bringing in the army is no solution
  Wednesday, 20th Feb 2013
Feminisation of Poverty
  Sunday, 17th Feb 2013
Rethinking the economy
  Monday, 11th Feb 2013
Kargil redux
  Wednesday, 6th Feb 2013
Pakistani media scene
  Thursday, 17th Jan 2013
Trading on opportunities
  Sunday, 3rd Feb 2013
Wars and trade
  Wednesday, 30th Jan 2013
Tourism lagging behind as potential remains untapped
  Monday, 28th Jan 2013
A governance Crisis
  Monday, 28th Jan 2013
Eying a services-leg growth in South Asia
  Monday, 28th Jan 2013
Engagement, not appeasement
  Wednesday, 23rd Jan 2013
Expanding the economy Love thy neighbour?. And her markets
  Monday, 14th Jan 2013
Normative and technical
  Sunday, 20th Jan 2013
Notes from the log
  Wednesday, 16th Jan 2013
Karachi ? welcome to Hell ....
  Wednesday, 9th Jan 2013
Cut the lying about the TTP
  Wednesday, 2nd Jan 2013
Second coming or a damp squib?
  Wednesday, 26th Dec 2012
1971 ? a tragedy
  Sunday, 16th Dec 2012
Oil impurities & the energy crisis
  Tuesday, 11th Dec 2012
Petty move to undermine the HEC
  Thursday, 6th Dec 2012
Asian of the Year 2012 - Honourable Mention
  Tuesday, 27th Nov 2012
Stark realities
  Sunday, 25th Nov 2012
Disabled does not mean 'unable to'
  Monday, 19th Nov 2012
The Motorway and the Dark Ages
  Tuesday, 13th Nov 2012
Elites, paradox, and rules of the game
  Wednesday, 7th Nov 2012
Revolutionary bohemian
  Sunday, 4th Nov 2012
'Gentle' reminder
  Sunday, 4th Nov 2012
The Pervez Hoodbhoy-LUMS dispute
  Tuesday, 30th Oct 2012
Pakistan needs energy revolution!
  Tuesday, 30th Oct 2012
More of the same
  Thursday, 25th Oct 2012
Food for thought
  Sunday, 21st Oct 2012
US, us and Afghanistan
  Tuesday, 16th Oct 2012
Save water to save Pakistan
  Monday, 15th Oct 2012
Some more on drones ...
  Thursday, 11th Oct 2012
Beyond the boundary walls
  Sunday, 7th Oct 2012
Drone on ...
  Tuesday, 2nd Oct 2012
You can't grow 'em
  Thursday, 27th Sep 2012
Food security and the state
  Thursday, 13th Sep 2012
Power projections
  Sunday, 16th Sep 2012
Missing the point
  Sunday, 2nd Sep 2012
Profile: Quest for knowledge
  Sunday, 26th Aug 2012
Vagaries of weather
  Friday, 10th Aug 2012
Another stupid twist in the Afghan game
  Wednesday, 15th Aug 2012
Ranking in food security index
  Monday, 13th Aug 2012
The Laws of Thermostasis
  Wednesday, 8th Aug 2012
Some realist advice for Hafiz Saeed
  Wednesday, 1st Aug 2012
Renewed hopes for South Asia
  Saturday, 30th Jun 2012
The archivist
  Sunday, 22nd Jul 2012
Get ready, it's monsoon time!
  Sunday, 22nd Jul 2012
Hunger: A National Security Threat
  Monday, 11th Jun 2012
Late response
  Sunday, 15th Jul 2012
Define relations with the US
  Tuesday, 10th Jul 2012
The Slow downfall of the telecom sector
  Monday, 9th Jul 2012
Getting it right is important
  Wednesday, 4th Jul 2012
Rio+20: Is it a dead end?
  Monday, 2nd Jul 2012
Industrial atmospherics
  Sunday, 1st Jul 2012
Earthly matters: Turning Rio+20 into reality
  Sunday, 24th Jun 2012
Another failure?
  Sunday, 24th Jun 2012
An effort, still
  Sunday, 24th Jun 2012
Warts and all
  Wednesday, 13th Jun 2012
Crossing the poverty line
  Sunday, 10th Jun 2012
What the budget will do for Pakistanis
  Friday, 1st Jun 2012
Make it big on Express Freely Tribune!
  Wednesday, 30th May 2012
The right lessons
  Sunday, 27th May 2012
KPs counterterrorism plan - not what but how
  Wednesday, 23rd May 2012
The cost of inefficient solid waste management
  Monday, 21st May 2012
The paradox reigns supreme
  Wednesday, 16th May 2012
Going in circles
  Sunday, 13th May 2012
The better option
  Sunday, 13th May 2012
Melting of Siachen glacier ? don?t blame global warming
  Sunday, 22nd Apr 2012
Why Karo Kari still persists in Pakistan
  Thursday, 19th Apr 2012
Now it goes?
  Sunday, 22nd Apr 2012
Bilateral challenges
  Sunday, 22nd Apr 2012
food Zeroing in on hunger
  Sunday, 15th Apr 2012
Dam good sources
  Sunday, 8th Apr 2012
Economy ? Can the govt. afford to remain indifferent
  Tuesday, 20th Mar 2012
IP pipeline: other options
  Sunday, 18th Mar 2012
A chronicle of success and failure
  Sunday, 4th Mar 2012
Poison in the air
  Sunday, 26th Feb 2012
Promotion of Right to Information in Pakistan ? struggling from a common platform
  Friday, 24th Feb 2012
Poverty and Property Rights in Pakistan
  Monday, 20th Feb 2012
Widening the deficit
  Sunday, 19th Feb 2012
The beginning has been made
  Sunday, 19th Feb 2012
The perils of policy
  Sunday, 29th Jan 2012
Rupee under pressure
  Sunday, 5th Feb 2012
A step for Indo-Pak trade normalisation
  Sunday, 5th Feb 2012
Legally bound to control pollution
  Wednesday, 25th Jan 2012
New approach to climate
  Monday, 16th Jan 2012
Export cartels: any solutions?
  Monday, 16th Jan 2012
Looking back in despair
  Monday, 16th Jan 2012
Role of Civil Society in Budget Process
  Tuesday, 10th Jan 2012
No more mega projects please!
  Wednesday, 21st Dec 2011
Local problem
  Sunday, 11th Dec 2011
Drowning in debt
  Sunday, 4th Dec 2011
Saying ?no more? to cartels
  Sunday, 4th Dec 2011
Declining growth and rising debt
  Thursday, 24th Nov 2011
Trading the status
  Sunday, 13th Nov 2011
At a price
  Sunday, 6th Nov 2011
Investment trends
  Sunday, 6th Nov 2011
Ours is? also a severe governance crisis
  Sunday, 30th Oct 2011
Regional cooperation for economic growth
  Thursday, 27th Oct 2011
Why boost India-Pakistan relations
  Sunday, 23rd Oct 2011
Federal Ombudsman ? A Ray of Hope
  Thursday, 20th Oct 2011
E-Governance; the Course to Good Governance
  Monday, 17th Oct 2011
Food, food, nowhere
  Sunday, 16th Oct 2011
Revival of local governments
  Tuesday, 11th Oct 2011
In the right direction
  Sunday, 9th Oct 2011
Rain rhetoric
  Sunday, 25th Sep 2011
Failure to harness our wind energy potential
  Thursday, 15th Sep 2011
Dam controversy: Marvi urges court action on Kishenganga failings
  Saturday, 3rd Sep 2011
Meltdown or malfunction?
  Sunday, 4th Sep 2011
Baggage of history
  Sunday, 4th Sep 2011
The course to accountability
  Sunday, 21st Aug 2011
Energy and security
  Saturday, 13th Aug 2011
A question of priorities
  Thursday, 11th Aug 2011
Energy and security
  Saturday, 6th Aug 2011
Energy crisis - A serious security threat?
  Wednesday, 3rd Aug 2011
The living dead
  Sunday, 31st Jul 2011
Food for all
  Sunday, 31st Jul 2011
Urbanisation after devolution
  Wednesday, 31st Aug 2011
Growth and the corporate sector
  Sunday, 26th Dec 2010
Change in the US handling of Pakistan
  Friday, 22nd Jul 2011
Persistent neglect
  Sunday, 10th Jul 2011
No quick fixes
  Sunday, 3rd Jul 2011
Not-so-great expectations
  Sunday, 26th Jun 2011
Opportunities and challenges
  Sunday, 5th Jun 2011
One Women?s Struggle in the Face of Adversity
  Friday, 27th May 2011
Breaking the shackles of oppression
  Friday, 27th May 2011
People?s concern
  Sunday, 29th May 2011
Slashing a budget
  Sunday, 29th May 2011
What went wrong?
  Sunday, 15th May 2011
The dilemma we call climate change
  Sunday, 22nd May 2011
Coming events?
  Sunday, 22nd May 2011
Needed: A revised civil-military relationship
  Wednesday, 18th May 2011
Ask no Questions...
  Sunday, 8th May 2011
A sapling of hope
  Sunday, 3rd Apr 2011
Baggage of the past
  Sunday, 17th Apr 2011