Helping the deserving people through CSR
Strengthening the Use of Evidence for Development Impact (SEDI)
First Public Private Dialogue to Review Export Promotion & Exemption Schemes
IMF starts evaluation of government's performance in the first quarter (Q1) of FY20
Evidence in Policy Making
Climate Strike in Islamabad
Will there be anything new in the budget 2019?
Cross Boundary Collaboration is Needed to Tackle with Air Pollution
Exclusive interview with German Ambassador to Pakistan Mr Martin Kobler
Smog: A cross boundary issue between India and Pakistan
Smog & Air Quality issue in Pakistan
Managing Pakistan’s Deteriorating Air Quality: A Conversation with Dr James Schauer
Climate Change talk with Malik Amin Aslam
Air Pollution-Smog and health impacts
Smog and climate change in Pakistan
Release of IAF Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman: A Gesture of Peace
Hum Aur Hamara Mahool with Malik Ameen Aslam
Saudi Bailout Package: Possible Implications for Pakistan Economy
Dr. Vaqar Ahmed Interview (DICE)
Final Workshop for the Project on the Development of Minamata Initial Assessment in Pakistan
News and View: SDPI-Herald's Pre Election Survey
Hike in Petroleum Prices: Causes and Impacts
Pakistan's name on FATF grey list: Implications and way forward
Political Parties & Manifesto
Mounting circular debt: Implications and Solutions
Growing Water Crisis: Challenges and Solutions
News and Views: Tax Amnesty Scheme 2018 and Economy
Fighting global warming and climate change through REDD+
Sharp rise in dollar rate: Causes and Impact
UNESCO's Third Capacity Development Workshop for Education Officials
PBC 2017 Conference Delhi, India (November 15, 2017)
Green Parliamentarian Caucus: Devising a Road Map for Action
Roundtable Meeting on Achieving Export Competitiveness in Pakistan
Pakistan Competitiveness and Global Economies
An Analysis of Federal Budget and Pakistan's Economy
Roundtable Meeting on Achieving Export Competitiveness in Pakistan
SDPI's High-Level Meeting on Designing Better Federal & Provincial tax Reforms in Pakistan
ADB 50th Anniversary: What's Next - Supporting Pakistan's Development Agenda
Coffee Table Program: Shifting Rain and Food Security
Project closing ceremony: Citizen Participation and oversight in budget making at district level in KP
14 August 2017 Celebration at SDPI
Coffee Table Program: CPEC and Economy of Pakistan
Coffee Table program: Mainstreaming the Marginalized
Qaiser Ahmed Sheikh on Budget 2017-18
Unfolding CPEC
SDPI Pre Budget Seminar Recommendations for Social Enterprise Sector Qualitative Research Project
Coffee Table Program: An Analysis of Panama Papers Scandal Judgment
State of Religious Minorities in Pakistan: An Overview
سیاسی کشمکش
Pakistan Observe Kashmir Black Day
CPEC: Development or Exploitation
Celebrating Independence day with unity by SDPI
Abdul Sattar Edhi's Ideology of Social Service and Charity
Training Workshop on Budget Making Process in Haripur --KP
Social Enterprises in Pakistan: Challenges and Way Forward (Policy Symposium Day 2)
Trans-boundary Cooperation on Water, Energy, and Food Security
Trans-boundary Cooperation on Water, Energy, and Food Security
Climate change and the cotton sector in Pakistan
Coffee Table Program : Climate Change and El Nino Phenomenon
Provincial Taxation Reforms in Pakistan: Case of Punjab and Sindh Provinces
Coffee Table Programme: Of Health and Other Issues at the PMDC
Coffee Table Program: Looking Back in Anger
Implications of Gilgit-Baltistan de-facto Provincial Status on Kashmir Dispute
Smoky Truth: How tobacco industry in Pakistan carves room for maneuver
Transmission System: Issues, Constraints and Way Forward
HUBRIS: Why economists fail to predict the crisis and how to avoid the next one?
Floods 2015
CHANGING TIMES water shortage in Pakistan
Coffee Table Program: Cross boundary water management
Coffee Table Program : Climate Change and Land Capture
Coffee Table Program: Oxfam: New Narrative
2015 الف اعلان کی ضلعی تعلیمی تقریب
Coffee Table Program: Climate Change and Food Security
Peshawar Tornado
Ocean-based Economies of South Asia
Economic and Social Survey of Asia and Pacific 2015
Coffee Table Program: Regional Solution to Local Problems
Fashion Show by Paper Miracles 2015
Reviewing Resources and Nation-Building
Reviewing Resources and Nation-Building
Coffee Table Program: Cross boundary water management
Government of Japan's Assistance for IDPs & Afghan Refugees
Coffee Table with Fateh Muhammad Malik on 75th Pakistan Day Celebration
LUMS seminar on Climate Change, Social Vulnerability and Food Security in Pakistan
Mercury Dental Amalgam use in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa: Impacts on Health and Environment
Global Go-to Think Tanks Index 2014
Post conflict reconstruction of livelihood in conflict effected countries of South Asia
Regional conference on education by SAP-PK
Post 2015 Dialogue on Strengthening Capacities and Building Effective Institutions
Seminar by UNODC & ANF on drug trafficking
Candlelight Vigil in Islamabad in Memory of APS Martayrs of Peshawar
Coffee Table Program: Kanwar Ahmad Dilshad eye-shot on bygone Elections
Coffee Table Program : War on Terror
SDPI-IDRC Fellowship
Coffee Table Program : Purging the Terrorism
Coffee Table Program : Mercury issues in Pakistan
Coffee Table Program : Gen. (R) Pervaiz Musharraf and his party APML
A study on Trade Liberalization and Economic Growth
Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign
IDP's of North Waziristan settled in District Bannu
SDPI Team Building Activities at USEFP YES Alumni Reunion
Coffee Table Program 42 : Elections in Ukraine
Islamabad Trilateral Dialogue: China-Afghanistan-Pakistan
Decentralizing Governance: Global Good Practices and Issues in Pakistan
Coffee Table Program 41 : Current State of Pakistan Economy
News & Views Program 3
Autumn in Islamabad
Coffee Table Program 39 : Role of Minorities in Nation Building and their Rights
Bakra Mandi
News & Views : India-Pakistan Relations, A situation Analysis
PTI and PAT Sit-ins in Islamabad
School without Teachers
Coffee Table Program 28 : Gender Rights & Social Sector Development
High Level Experts Meeting on Human Security
Coffee Table Program : Situation of Telecom Sector in Pakistan
Promotion of Dialogue for Peace Building through Media, Community leaders and Youth Mobilization
National Peace Summit
Training Workshop on Environment and Climate Change
Coffee Table Program : Disaster Conflict & Society in Crises
SDPI Orientation
Coffee Table Program : The Future of Cooperation between Pak & U S
UET Peshawar Energy conference
Pehla Qadam
Energy & Tax Reforms: Firm Level Analysis from Pakistan
Water for Future: Perspectives from Pakistan
Pakistan Education Atlas 2013
Sensitive Media Reporting
Coffee Table Program 19 :Decent Capitalism: A Blueprint for
Fund Raising Fashion show for Earthquake Affectees
Long March:The Quest for Missing Persons of Baluchistan
SDPI Mercury Awareness on Morning with Farah
Adnan and Junaid Mehndi
Consultative meeting on Agriculture and Food Security Policy
Hum Aur Hamari Taleem Part 2
Hum Aur Hamari Taleem Part 1
Morning with Farah/ATV - February 10, 2014
Kashmir Solidarity Day
Coffee Table Programme 16
Changa Pani
Morning with Farah/ATV
State of Education in Punjab- Findings from Khanewal
Mein hun abida
Coffee Table Program 15:Taliban and Peace Talks
Pakistan Demographic and Health Survey 2012-13
Coffee Table Program 14: Foreign Relations
Coffee Table Programme 12 : Regional Trade
coffee table programme 11 "Protecting the Environment"
Making Quality Education Accessible in Pakistan
Taxation Reforms
Inter-School Mercury Painting Competition.
Mirpur DDF
Muzafrabad DDF
SFCG and SDPI book launch
Librarians Training
Anti Privatization Conference
Coffee Table Programme 7 : Sectarian Violence in Rawalpindi - Government's Failure
Coffee Table Programme 6 : Madrassa Reforms
Indo-Pak Young Entrepreneur Summit 2013
Citizen's Report Card (baseline) Survey on Education in Khanewal and Vehari
Coffee Table Programme 5: Pakistan Protection Ordinance 2013
Biomass Energy Project Launch
Inaugural meeting of Advisory Committee of Planning Commission
Women Parliamentary Council for sustainable development
Coffee Table Programme 4: State of Population in Pakistan
First 100 Days Performance of PML N Government
Coffee Table Programe 2 State of Pakistan Economy
Coffee Table Programme 1 Afghanistan & Terrorism
Participatory Federalism and Decentralization
President Manmoon's maid-in appearance on Comsats 52nd convocation
Human Development Report on Water
Shanghai Cooperation Organization Role in Regional Stability
Afghanistan Reconnected Part 2
Weather Pattern Change
South-South Cooperation in Human Resource Development
Making Quality Education Accessible in Pakistan: A Social Accountability Perspective
Post 2014 Afghanistan Scenario
Countering the Three Evils.Extremism, Terrorism, Separatism
Pak-Afghan Relations
Roundtable Conference on Pak-Afghan transit trade, Emerging trends and challenges
Radical Extremism in Pakistan
Afghan Transit Trade
Old Peoples Home
Pakistan-India Relations
14th August Celebration
Pakistan Presidential Election 2013
More Women in Media
Price Hike in Ramadan
Educating a Child
Book Launch: Man in the Hat
Islamabad Traffic Police Awareness Campaign
Inclusive & Sustainable Urban Growth
Waiting to go Home
Training on Mercury Monitoring
Appreciating Remarks on Election Transmission by Chairman BOG SDPI
MOU Between SDPI & CPS Tashkent
Election Transmission 2013:Programe 10-Post Election Day scenario in the context of Awaaz
Election Transmission 2013:Programe 11-Governance
Election Transmission 2013:Programe 9-Possibility of the new government, polling day and aftermath
Election Transmission 2013:Programe 8-Democratic Process and this election
Election Transmission 2013:Programe 6-General wrap up of the day
Mercury: A Silent Killer
Election Transmission 2013:Programe 3-National Security Issues
Election Transmission 2013:Programe5-Conflict and Economy
Election Transmission 2013:Programe4-Political Manifestoes and Youth
Election Transmission 2013:Programe 1-Political Challenges-Terrorism, Economy & External AffairsEconomy & External Affairs
Election Transmission 2013:Programe2-Women Empowerment, Dispute Resolution and Minorities
Violation of ECP code of conduct
Pol Day Rigging NA 24DI Khan
Voting Trends 2013
Corporate Social Responsibility Program Series
Human Development Report 2013
TUJ Pakistan
Draft of National Food and Nutrition Security Policy
Green Economy
India Pakistan Trade: Post Conflict Scenario
Pak Brazil Zero Hunger Programme
Pak-Brazil seminar on Food security & poverty alleviation
Long march - Minhaj ul Qaran Movement
Potential and Prospects of Pakistani Diaspora
Dr. Vaqar's Lecture at University of Lahore
Aid Effectiveness in Pakistan
Annual Entrepreneurship Conference
Unpacking Corruption
Food security strategies in Pakistan
Civil Military Imbalance
National Conference for Child Rights
Asad Raza Shah 's Mehndi at SDPI
German Students visit SDPI
Effectiveness of Education Financing
Food Security and Research Project
Awaz Voice and Accountability Programme
Dr. Vaqar's Presentation in SANDEE-SDPI
Interview with Dr Abid Qaiyum and Dr Vaqar Ahmed at 5th SAES
Religious Minorities
Appraisal of KESC in Post Privatization Period
An exclusive interview with Dr Navsharan Singh
Ayesha Salman's Farewell
Eid Festivity
An Interview with Chairperson CCP, Rahat Kaunain Hassan
Painting Exhibition of Marvi Memon
An Interview with Dr. Mahmood A.Khwaja
Price hike during Ramadan
Book Launching ?Escape from Oblivion? of Ikram Seghal
An exclusive interview with Khalid Mirza
Future of Pakistan-US Relations
Alternative Energy Resources
Understanding how Federal Budget affects you (Training Workshop)
An Interview with Dr. Abid Qaiyum Suleri on NATO
Girl Power Programme
Telecommunication in Agriculture
Electricity crisis
An Interview with Brigadier (R) Muhammad Yasin
Sweet Home Children
Qualitative research method
An SDTV Program on Pakistani Media
Shafqat Kakakhel on Pak-US Relations
Macro-ecnomic fundamentals
World Environment Day
The young Entrepreneurs Conference
Future of Jihadi Organizations
Situation in FATA: Causes, Consequences and the Way Forward
20 Years Old SDPI
The Art of Report Writing:
Can Pakistan Grow Faster
USAID Annual Mango Conference- Reaching New Export Destinations
Round Table on Human Development of Pakistan
Afghan Fiasco and Solution
Awards for Journalists
NUML Spring Extravaganza 2012
Street Children Of Pakistan
The National Disaster Management Authority
Gas Shortage Aggravates
Novel Blue dust
Managing Shariah Conforming Businesses
Signing Ceremony Between GoJ & UNDP
Pakistan-EU Political and Economic Partnership
Climate Change and Livelihood
Round table Meeting on Social Accountability
De-radicalization of Vulnerable Segments in Pakistani Society
In Country Consultation Meeting
Pak US Relations
Social and Environmental Principles and Criteria for REDD Safeguards
Pakistan India Relations
ASER Pakistan 2011
Defining Security: Securing a Frontline State
Tennis Team
Aspect of Nuclear Safety
Feminization of Poverty
Rupee Depreciation
Food Price Volatility & Policy Options
The costs of low regional trade
Energy shortages and management
Deepening Crisis of Energy, Economy and Stability
Saudi Railway
Human Rights Situation In Balochistan
Securing a Front-Line State
Launch of World Disaster Report 2011
A Farewell to Hameed Akhter
Granting MFN Status to India
Businesses and the Middle Class in Pakistan
Launching Ceremony of Human Development Report 2011
REDD program in Pakistan
Pakistan Debt Burden
High Prices of sacrifical animals
Revival And Reforms Local Government Elections
Citizen Report Card
RIO+20 Multi Stakeholder Consultations
Sustained livelihood is a prerequisite for peace
Dr. Hafeez A.Pasha